Part V: Interlude or In Which We Find Ourselves A New Home

Our Virginia residency chapter has come to a close. 
After a couple flights and a timely in-air nap, we flew into Rochester, Minnesota. We officially begin our year in Rochester. 
Forget what you hear about cold winter. Forget mosquitoes and snow accumulation. All four seasons are beautiful here. Well, to me anyway. 
We stayed at my parents condo while our rental needs to be cleaned. With a free day for the three of us, we woke with the sun and set out to explore our new neighborhood. 
The Soilder’s Field park is two blocks from us and located on the corner of awesome and spectacular. This park is great. With separate areas for different ages of kids, Little David had the pick of the litter in the truck playground. 
Mom and Baby nap on the plane. 
A fly over of Southeast Minnesota.
David woke up to start the day right with some barn yard toys. 
Mom and David head into the park. 
David in the truck sand box. 
Since we got there early, the “tot-lot” was his kingdom.
Mommy and David enjoying the swings. 
A quick stop at the local co-op.
Bananas, scone, and figs. 
The summer breeze through the window with the scent of echinacea on its shoulders.
Naps for all after such a long trip.
A local eatery for a drink and the adventure begins. 


Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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