Morning on the Middle Branch

Sunday morning came sooner than expected. I was woken up by a 2-year-old boy with enough energy and joy to change the world for the better. Since, mom is into the second trimester and needs a little extra rest these days, we needed a plan.

What to do?
Pack some snacks.
Grab the fly box (the tenkara gear was already in the car).
Put on a Mickey hat, “puddle boots” and a “buggy”-catching sweatshirt. 

I look down at the passenger seat. The tenkara emblem shines back at me through the dark rod tube.
This rod has been a phenomenal tool when fishing with David. With him on the backpack carrier, it allows for quick shots at fish while on our hikes.
Not even 8am and the sun was in full force. At our backs the entire trip, casting shadows across the pools, scattering fish this way and that. Even that was more fun for David. He could see brown trout darting this way and that searching for cover.
My bare forearms made for great horsefly bait. David collected the carcasses. These flies are like gold to him. 
The stream has lots of structure thanks to the rehabilitation from TU and the help of the local landowners. I’m nothing but grateful for their permission to fish this stream.

We had a few fish on, but none to hand.

No matter.

Mom got to sleep.

The air was warm and fresh.

Daddy and David got to have a picnic on the tailgate.

You know the feeling when you get to hang out with someone much cooler than you? Like an athlete you emulate, or meet a famous musician, etc? That’s what spending time with David is like. He is so much cooler than me. He just doesn’t know it yet. One day he will, and that might be tough, but until then, we will soak up these mornings without reservation.

Journey to West Texas

David loves his Grandparents. All of them. But he was particularly excited to visit his Papa in Texas who is a cow doctor and works at the cow hospital (kind of). 
We hopped a couple flights and spent a long Memorial Day weekend in Farwell, Tx. It is a small town on the border of New Mexico. It is dairy country. It is farm fields. There are trains. David’s dream come true!
Bear shared his window seat with David.
Cracking pecans with Papa/
David likes pecans 🙂
The local donut shop had sausage and egg biscuits that could keep you full for a week.
We saw LOTS of trains
The storms rolled through Farwell and hit Lubbock and Dallas instead.
“Cows eat GRASS!” – David
Lots of cows at Papa’s work. 
No, David, you can’t bring one home.
We got to see a horny toad too!
We are so lucky to have David. And David is so luck to have such awesome grandparents! 
Not pictured is the Lubbock Zoo. The Cannon Airforce base air show, and fresh pecan pie.
Until next time!