Looking back to early spring. 

I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of great fisherman and something to Wisconsin. It’s always fun to get on the water with new people. You can learn so many new things and even find a few new kids box. Just like anything else when you fish with someone new, they can help you look at things with a new perspective. See water in the way you hadn’t looked at it before.

My buddy hot dish, for instance, and awesome caster. It’s definitely a smooth operator. It’s fun to watch him look at a run pick out a spot and pull a fish with minimal effort. 

The beta version of Wisconsin Troutspotr is coming together!

With Minnesota maps already working great on Troutspotr, I’ve talked to a few folks and they found it really useful.

I like that he has created some copy and paste links so you can send a stream link to friends or to yourself. Additionally there are direct links to Google map locations.

I’ve already found it a great way to interact with the stream data and look for new places to fish. I know he has had a lot of help from some of the folks on the fishing forums. There was quite a bit of messy did it to sift through especially in northern Wisconsin. Wisconsin has so many fishing regulations it makes creating a single system on the map a little bit difficult. Stu has done amazing Job making this available to everybody.

You can find the maps here at Troutspotr