Still hear, still fishing, just different.

Well, that summer and spring sure turned out differently than we thought, didn’t it? I snuck out to a trout stream this weekend and thought of the blog. I already deleted the photos of the fish. Fall in the Driftless is gorgeous. Its like a return to glory.

Most of my fishing has been spent with my son, so that’s where lots of our photos are leaning these days. Off a pontoon or off a dock, his hook set is on point.

Its been fun to see him really enjoy it. Anna, my daughter just turned 4 so we will see if it sticks for her too. Still, I’m looking forward to a little getaway next week.

Next week I head north to the South Coast of Lake Superior in search of running steelhead. The fly box is filling up and I’m working on my D-loops and snap-Ts. Though only one stream seems to be the most popular, the Bois Brule, we’ll be spending a fair bit of time exploring the other waters in the area.

So, in a couple weeks, I’m hoping to share with you a nice set of images and possibly a few stories.

Speaking of stories, if you area looking for a good fall read and you’ve enjoyed following me over the years, I really think you’d enjoy my first novel, “The Man in the Pines.” Find it on Amazon (click HERE) or ask your local book store to get it for you. And if you enjoy it, be sure to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads and maybe tell a friend.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

One thought on “Still hear, still fishing, just different.”

  1. David
    Oh, how I relate to this post, which brings back fond memories of fishing with my son and daughter at a young age. They grow up fast enjoy the ride—-thanks for sharing


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