Season Opener

Oh boy it is cold. The streams are open, but catch and release season opener  in Minnesota/Wisconsin will be cold and most deep pools and slower runs will be frozen over.

As such, I’ll be waiting until a little later to trout fish, I think. I might go ice fishing on Sunday. If I do, I’ll be sure to share some photos. I haven’t ice fished in the area yet, so I’m excited. If you are getting out, good luck!


Also, I did see The Last Jedi…. Overall, I liked it. It was a fun movie. I raised my eyebrows a couple times here and there, but, I’m hoping episode IX will show me that The Last Jedi was the movie it needed to be…. We will see.

Winter season is coming

It’s been slow for me since I got out at the end of the season. I did get a new rolltop desk. Well new to me. I got it for 50 bucks off craigslist. My hope is to make it into a tying station. And if I don’t act soon the season will be upon me and my boxes will be empty.

Tonight I’m gonna try and take advantage of the new cold weather to put up a small ice sheet for my son to skate in the backyard. Maybe after that I can start organizing the time bench. Until then I just keep dreaming Big trout.