Rest Easy, Friday Night: Vol 12. Saturday Night Edition

That’s right, I acknowledge that it is not Friday, but I just stumbled upon such an awesome video that I had to make an exception.

I give you “Three White Horses” by Andrew Bird.

Reasons I like this video/song:

1. Andrew Bird has a cool voice.
2. Andrew Brid can play the violin and sing at the same time. That takes coordination.
3. The change in tempo at 2:15 is nifty.
4. Andrew Bird has a nice scarf.

5. Bald bass player has a nice sweatshirt.
6. Guitarist has a nice plaid shirt like the one I got for Christmas.
7. I like songs that express melancholy in a fast-paced manner.
Happy New Year!

Fly Shop Highlight: Wild River Outfitters, Virginia Beach, Va

Wild River Outfitters.
I am happy to announce, Virginia Beach has a fly shop. Wild River Outfitters. This may pretty much be a technicality. 
Fine, affordable rods.
They have a few TFO rods and reels and some Free Fly gear and that is about it, but, the word is it will expand in the future.  They asked what I think they need. I said you can never have enough buck tails when it comes to tying saltwater flies. 
so comfy
The shop has great staff: a ton of kayaking, camping, and general outdoor gear. Cory Routh is a local guide who is playing a big role in getting their fishing inventory (both fly and kayak) up and running.  I’m sure he has some neat things in store for the future. 
They gave me a free hat!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Now that is some talent.

I knew my uncle enjoyed wood carving. I even knew he was pretty good at it. It wasn’t until my mom sent me these photos that I realized he isn’t just good at it, he is flabbergastingly outstanding. 
I know these are just pictures of pictures, but it still gets the point across. If you happen to have a subscription to the Park Rapids, Mn newspaper (I’ll bet all of my wife’s Christmas presents that none of you do 🙂 you can read about him here. The link at least shows a picture. 
Anyway, I just thought I’d share. Enjoy!
Wood carving prior to painting.
finished product.

Endings and Beginnings

As the year comes to a close, reflecting comes more naturally. I think of the trips, people and fish. I also look forward to the beginning of a new way to enjoy this passion for trout. With the first brush stroke last night, I took a step towards tackling James Prosek’s book “Trout: An Illustrated History.” This year is quickly walking out the doorway, but the next one looks mighty promising.

Feeling Lucky? Excerpt from Eat, Sleep, Fish (Online Magazine)

This is what it’s all about. There you stand, wading boots creeping to the water. That big, murky pool is plunging right in front of you, and you are certain there is a fat (and phat) fish hiding under that log. You have the right fly. You have the perfect angle. The sky is overcast. All you need is your lucky ______.

When it comes to superstitions, I’d like say we all have them, but I’m guessing that isn’t completely true….

Read the rest HERE in the latest issue of Eat, Sleep Fish Online Magazine

Fly Shop Highlight: Urban Angler Ltd., Manhattan, NY

Last weekend, while visiting New York City with some family, I couldn’t help but search for a fly shop. Just as I used to love going to pet shops as a kid, I love going to fly shops as a dude…. 🙂  that was an impulse decision to call myself a “dude.” I should have said “as a fly fisherman.” Moving on.

Using the handy map function on my phone I was able to locate the Urban Angler fly shop (online at If you were going to ask me how to find it, I’d probably say, “go to that really skinny building people like to take pictures of in Manhattan, stand with your back to it, and look for the big yellow flag. It’s right there.”

The fly shop is actually on the 3rd floor of a building. You enter as if walking into someone’s apartment and press floor 3 when you get into the elevator. When the doors open on floor 3, you are looking not as a dark hallway, but a display of fly rods, river bags, and a wall of books, DVDs, and paintings. Having an elevator open right into the shop is a nice effect for the first timer.

I think what was really neat about this fly shop was their collection of art. From paintings, to photographs, to metal works, it made browsing the shop a more enjoyable experience.

After poking around on my own for a bit, I started talking with the man behind the desk, Ron Swegman. Ron was great. We talked about our respective fisheries, he helped me pick out some tying materials for a crayfish pattern I want to tie, showed me some of the amazing new rods from Sage and Hardy, and showed me a book that, like it or not, may have added another dimension to my infatuation with trout.

I left the shop with a few free magazines, some tying materials, and James Prosek’s Trout: An Illustrated History. That afternoon, I read the introduction out loud to my wife and mother-in-law. They promptly became unconscious, but I believe that was more the combination of the long day and my soothing voice than the content of Prosek’s introduction 🙂 His book examines the variety of North America’s trout through watercolor and a little bit of text. The paintings are simple, delicate, and beautiful. I was never able to master watercolor in my college art classes, but it would be fun to try a hand at  painting these fish with oil. Maybe in another life.  Maybe….

A Prosek watercolor.

Ron Swegman is the writer behind the blog, Tenkara Takes Manhattan. Urban Angler also has a shop in Alexandria, Va.