One season ends, another begins

Each winter, Bill Campbell, a local long time member of the recently resurrected local TU chapter (now officially called Bill Wills Southeast Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited) has led fly fishing seminars for those interested in the sport. It is usually 3-4 Saturdays’ throughout the winter. There is an initial discussion about fly fishing, equipment, where to go, what to catch, etc, followed by opportunities for everyone to tie a wooly bugger and have a chance to cast a fly rod. Bill is joined by other local TU chapter members including folks with a wide range of fly fishing experience including trout and salmon, warm water, and saltwater fishing.  The Chapter’s Mentor, Mr. Bill Wills, has been fishing most of his life and at age 90+ continues to be an active, almost daily, fisherman, and to pass on his legacy to many generations. 
Bill Campbell getting things started. 
The crowd. 
Bill Wills 

“Let me show you how it’s done.”

Tight loops.

A Suffolk reporter even stopped by.

Something Special from Sara the Sewer

I can’t believe I didn’t share this with you earlier. About a month ago, my wife, Sara, got all creative on me and surprised me with a handmade gift. She sewed me a tie. Is is almost as awesome as she is. Way to go Sara!
* see note below

Well, andaddendum is in order. Please refer to the commenter below that insightfully brought up the inconvenient dual interpretation of Sara’s title. I intended to use “Sewer” as a cute alternative to seamstress. I did not mean to refer to her as a “gutter wench.” I think she understands 🙂 All the same, I’m leaving the title as is. Now it is just funny.

New Video: 2067: Carpacolypse

In the year 2067, the fisheries are much different. Carp are the dominant species in the waterways. Lucky for us, they are pretty darn fun to catch on a fly. 
Please enjoy the scenes I put together from a recent trip to Houston, Texas. Not many fish caught on camera, but I had a great time getting my first carp on a fly. If you make it down, check out the urban fisheries in the area. Also be sure to stop by iFly The Angler’s Edge. The staff there are great. 
Filmed with my GoPro HD and iPhone. 
Music: “Blues De Bernadette” by the Lost Bayou Ramblers.