A perfect day

It seems so long ago. Maybe just a month but this day was awesome. It was like 90 degrees and the kids insisted on winter hats with their new waders.

Maybe they thought they were like snow pants?

We didn’t really fish. Just explored the water.

Besides snacks, it seems the less I plan on outings like this the better. Just seeing them enjoy snooping around on their own is a good sign they are having fun.

And after the river it was time to release some of our monarchs. We had 13 this summer.

Then sweet potato gnocchi, family swim time, and ice cream at a local eatery.

I don’t know if this blog will help me savor days like this. A blog may seem like an archaic stereoscope in 30-40 years. But it can’t hurt to reflect on these days every so often, right?

Maybe some fishing photos soon 🙂

Summer is flying by

It really is amazing. Time just won’t quit. August is racing towards us which means the Great River Folk Fest will be here soon and September to follow. My son will start kindergarten and the leaves will fall quickly followed by the snow. Wow.

This summer has been so fun. With regard to music, I’ve made some big steps in terms of sound management which translates to better performances and a better listening experience.

Last week at turtle Stack Brewery was a great example of how far things have come in the last couple years. People were LISTENING. It sounds crazy right, but really, most times people don’t really listen but more and more I feel I’m getting through to people. Connecting. And it is cool.

I’ve got another open mic event at Grounded coffeehouse in a week and then the folk fest and Weber center events will quickly follow. I’m hoping to write a few more tunes that I feel proud of over the summer but these things just come with time I suppose.

Additionally, I’m expecting some movement on my book in the next month or so. If it doesn’t happen through my submissions, I’m going to make it happen on my own. Time moves too fast to sit and wait for other people to get on the same page. Not their fault. I just want to keep moving forward.

If you see me out playing, say hello and until then, have a great August!