Seasons in the Driftless and more hobbies

When the opportunity arises, I continue to work my way up and down streams. When I suddenly found myself at home most days and my son out of Kindergarten, we touched a lot of water not only fishing, but looking for bugs, birds, throwing sticks and rocks, and generally just being outside by trout streams.

Fishing changes within and between seasons here. It changes as I age and as my son ages. He used to ride on my back and now he looks for the most fun and dangerous way to jump across a stream.

I’ve found myself spending more time looking at the rocks in washouts and even exploring painting again with a little travel watercolor kit I put together. (If you are looking for a cool gift idea check this out. Mine is a bit more DIY – see below. This is more high quality )

I’m sharing more music this spring which you can find here ( and hopefully soon on the main streaming sites.

And my book, The Man in the Pines, is quietly making its way around. If you are looking for a nice summer read that transports you to the north woods, check it out here:

Keep on keeping on, and go do some good this weekend.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

2 thoughts on “Seasons in the Driftless and more hobbies”

  1. This is one place I have to fly fish before I hand up the fly rod. I’ve heard so many great fly fishing stories about this place. Great images and post, thanks for sharing


    1. thanks Loyd. It really is a great place and totally worth the trip. If you ever make it out, check out the local fly shops (Root River Rod Company, Driftless Angler) and the guides. I know a few folks who are great to fish with.


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