The next stage of the Painting Through Prosek project?

I found a heap copy of James Prosek’s book “Trout of the World” on amazon. At a quick glance, I see some fun new additions to the painting project. I suppose I have to finish getting through the first book. 
As a bonus, the used copy still had the free poster inside! Score!!

Come on Luci Light my Fire

If Jim Morrison had a Luci Light, the words to his famous song would have been just like the title to this post.

The Luci Light is one of those things that is so perfect, so simple, so practical, it makes me excited just thinking about it. The makers mpowerd are on a mission to eliminate energy poverty. Ambitious, to say the least, but every big idea needs to start somewhere, and I believe this product has amazing potential.

Essentially, it is a waterproof, 10-bulb LED, solar powered light that can light up an entire room, run for ~8 hours on a full charge, and hold 50% of its full charge for 2 years. It is light weight and compact.

I’m using it to read at night and check on the baby, but I can see it being great in the car as an emergency light, camping lantern, for boaters, backpackers, campers, lighting tiki bars, and who knows what else? Plus, it is $15. I’ll give up two Chipotle Burritos for this any day (yes, I rationalize my spending habits in terms of Chipotle currency equivalents. That is how much I love my chipotle).

collapsed, about the size of a stack of cps, but much lighter weight.

the solar panels, with the on button in the middle

inflated, like a beach ball. 
lighting up the living room at midnight

the stats on the box.

instructions shows without words so anyone can follow them,
regardless of literacy or the language you speak. Of course, my photo is upside-down.

Pretty darn cool.