Full circle

So let’s be upfront about something. I blog more about fly fishing when I don’t fly fish that much. I guess it is a way for me to feel like I’m “staying in touch” with my hobby.

Well, I started this blog when I lived in Nebraska which is not really known as a fly fishing Mecca. I then moved to Virginia, and after four years, I moved back to Minnesota and then to Wisconsin. I now live within 45 minutes of probably 10-20 trout streams not to mention plenty of warm water opportunities. As such, I think I spend more time now fishing than blogging. I guess I also have to acknowledge the fact that in that same time Sara and I have had two kids. So maybe that is it.

But, something funny happened last week that I had to share.

You may know that I really enjoy both listening to and writing music. Thanks to an old blogging friend Owl Jones, I started getting into making fly fishing videos.  That led to a long and winding relationship with other bloggers – Troutrageous, yukon goes fishing, the Outdoor blogger network, Erin Block, the river damsel, winona fly factory winona fly factory, and it goes on and on (I’m sorry to those who I didn’t name 🙂

Well, as the fly fishing video thing got big, I fell in love with one video in particular. I found a video by Rolf Nylinder called “Trout Is All.”

The song is “Love is All” by the Tallest Man on Earth. I have listened to Kristian Matsson’s music since then pretty regularly. It is awesome.

Trout is all from Rolf Nylinder on Vimeo.

Well, after many years, the time came when I was able to go and see Tallest Man on Earth in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


The show was sooooo, soooo, soooo good.

Some time ago, I saw he had a cool guitar strap made by Linny Kenny. I ended up having her make me a custom strap as well. (see her photo from the website below)

Well, I decided to bring the strap to the concert and try to have him autograph it. How could I make this happen? I talked to the stage hand after the show and he said “he’s long gone by now.”

I didn’t believe it, so I asked the person selling the LPs and shirts. She said my best shot was by the bus. It was snowing outside, but not too cold. I decided to sit outside the busm and after 45 minutes, the crew started coming out. I talked to the first crew member who was entering the bus. I asked if he could give my strap to Kristian. He said he would. Hoping I could somehow sway Kristian to ask me in to meet him, which would inevitably lead to us fly fishing together, I said, “tell him Rolf Nylinder says hi.”

Do I know Rolf? No. I think I chatted with him online once during my early video stage when he was with Front Side Fly, but I could be wrong.

Did I meet Kristian? No.

But guess what?

I got my guitar strap! so so cool. It is funny how circular the world can be. And guess what, life continues, so this story may not be over 🙂