Video: Fishing The Valleys

In efforts to resurrect a local Trout Unlimited Chapter, we undertook a coordinated effort to gather old and new members and journey to western Virginia. There were trout. There were chubs. There was food. There was beer. There were pretty leaves. There was tenkara and non-tenkara.
Filmed with my GoproHD and iphone 4

Trip Summary: Go to Kevin’s Page….

Well, the way this week is going and knowing what is coming this weekend, I won’t be able to get much done with the video and photos I’ve stored up from last weekend’s trip.

Right when I was beginning to feel quite guilty about it, Kevin posted a perfect summary of the weekend and some outstanding photos. I hope you get a chance to swing through and see how gorgeous George Washington National Forest is.

In the Meantime

The trip to George Washington National Forest was awesome. As I feared, I’m left now with much on my plate as far as work is concerned, but, alas, work will always be there. Hopefully, the streams will too.

I’ll be slowly sifting through video clips and sharing some photos from the trip.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the awesomeness of Simms new fall line. If I had endless resources and wanted more clothes, I don’t need, I’d go for the River Tek Top and follows by a Fall Run Jacket. But that’s just me…. mom…..

Go forth and salivate…  or be reminded of how much you like your current clothes 🙂

Big Weekend

It has taken quite a bit of planning and preparation, tying and talking, dreaming and scheming, but it is finally here. This weekend, our newly revitalized local TU club is making our first group trip. We are heading to the Jackson and Laurel Fork in Western Virginia.

Hoping to catch some fish and get some good photos and filming. Maybe try a different approach to the filming. We will see. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten enough work done this week to slack on the weekend. I guess Monday will tell me if in right.

Good Fortune

Weather can surprise. Sun can shine.
Friends can call. Plans materialize.
Work postponed. Play prioritized.
Sandwiches and sardines. Celery sticks and seltzer.
Picnic on a boat with a motor that won’t turn.
Anchored to a spot often overlooked.
Poorly tied flies and good fortune.
Eager fish to sun burnt hands,
and smiling eyes.

My catch of the day. What? Oysters are alive.
Action shot.

Look at all those spots.