The Microbrew Pride of Wisconsin 

Moving to Wisconsin, there are a few certain truths I have had to reason with. First, most people around me are Green Bay Packers fans. Second, there are five seasons here. Winter, Spring, Summer, fall, and deer hunting. Thirdly, Oktoberfest is taken very seriously. Fourth, Miller light trumps Bud light.

Now, The other local source of pride is the new Glarus brewing Company. Nearly everyone in Wisconsin has enjoyed a spotted cow. The beer is only sold in Wisconsin. There are bars in Minnesota who have been fine for illegally smuggling kegs of the brew across the border. I know I enjoy a wide variety of beers and probably don’t have the most select a pallet, but I can say with certainty he that I enjoy every flavor of new Glarus beer.

So what’s the point of this post? Nothing really. I suppose if anything it is just to remind you that if you make it to Wisconsin, take advantage of the opportunity and find yourself some of the exclusive local breweries. They are pretty darn good.
Yes I realize I may have lost most of my followers by switching from the Google form it to WordPress, but I’ve never posted for the followers. I enjoy the blog and community and it has been fun to get to know all of you. But in the end, this blog is an outlet and Google was making that outlet in accessible for me. I’ve already posted three times since making the switch in the last week. Maybe it’s the novelty of the switch, or maybe they improved accessibility really is the difference. Either way, it’s good to be posting again.

Getting the Kids Out

Here is the first post on the WordPress site that is not on the blogger page. Crazy!!

For the past week, we’ve been having some pretty amazing weather. 50s every day. For February, that is pretty ridiculous. Part of me is pretty pleased. Another part of me is a little disappointed in the Northern Winter. 

That said, one of the benefits of warm weather is that my son is willing to go outside. Last weekend we went to a local creek with easy access and met another buddy who had an infant he could drag along. 

We spent most of the morning throwing sticks and snow in the water. David did take his shot at casting the Tenkara rod. Eventually he decided to ride in my back carrier and we worked a few holes together. 

Courtney and Maya were the only ones to hook up. But I think my son really just enjoy getting outside and playing by the water. There will be plenty of time to catch more fish. 

It is supposed to get cold again this weekend so we likely won’t go out. But by the time summer comes I see plenty of mornings been fishing with David.

New water, new friends, new camera

With a sudden opening in my schedule, my habit of storing my fishing gear in the car paid off. Instaagram again gets a nod for connecting fly fishers. I connected with @hotdishflyfish recently and shot him a message. His work schedule usually results in free days/mornings, so we met for a couple hours on his local stream.
The water was new to me. It had plenty approachable holes and runs, but the clarity was a little too clear. Even with the overcast skies, the fish were jumpy. I managed a few flashes and finally landed a standard driftless brown.

Hot Dish spend the morning casting his Blue Halo with a nymphing rig. He had a few takes that were not sticks but nothing to hand. That was fine by him. Dry hands are warms hands in the winter.

We have a warm spell coming through. That should bring the trout out to feed especially as the snow melt leads to turbid waters.

On another note, I finally gave in and bought a camera other than my phone. We will see how it goes. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, so I think the Sony a6000 will do well for me. If not, you may see it re-listed on ebay 🙂