Fly Fishing Films – Evolution and The Next Step

Its been a while since I’ve made a real attempt video edit of a fishing outing. That is partly due to time (lack thereof) and partly due to a change in the nature of my outings. In Virginia, when I went fishing, it was an event. It was a shotgun day trip to the outer banks, eastern shore or mountains. It may have involved hiking, camping or a stop at a brewery or BBQ joint. Regardless, there was always a story to tell.

I’d like to take a moment to summarize what I see some of the big events in my personal history of flyfishing videos and the culture surrounding them.

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The iphone made capturing quality video easier. Lifeproof cases made shooting in and out of water less risky. The GoPro definitely changed the game (remember when the fish eye effect was a sign of a cool video?).  My Gopro HD sits unused and out of battery buried in my gear bag.

Then there is the music. First bluegrass and mountain music. Rolf Nylinder brought Tallest Man on Earth into the game with a more artistic fishing video, Trout is All.

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And the guy who, in my mind, played a big role in re-thinking how we edit videos, including the idea of using deep track, hip hop beats you wouldn’t think would match with a fishing video, Yukon Goes Fishing, surely helped make DIY videos cool.



But even he, has moved on to other projects, though, his instagram account is still very active with high quality photography. And I believe he does put out video marketing flyfishing and a fly shop in Colorado. Instagram has moved in over Youtube and Vimeo as the the place to stake your popularity claim leading to more folks getting high end cameras instead of putting their energy into video.

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That being said, the aerial shot with a drone is currently a standard and enticing novice videographers to take a shot at sweet edits. Check out some of @jrieke21 videos. Awesome stuff.
So where does this leave us? The Fly Fishing Film Tour is still running strong, but most of the movies are starting to look the same to me. Stories about old friends reuniting, last frontier fishing, different species on the fly you never thought of (long nosed gar anyone?), or conservation. All of these are great and important, yes, BUT, I think the time has finally come.

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The “big movie,” the one that inspired a generation of fly fishers to dream of the old west, is 25 years old. And The film left on the runway for years, “The River Why” was a dud. We can do better. We must do better. I’m not saying we need to have Channing Tatum in the next leading trout fishing murder mystery, though I would watch it.

But still, I think it is time we take the next step in this fly fishing film adventure we’ve been on. Lets see it people. Let get some plot and character development. Lets get creative. There are lots of stories to tell, and I have a feeling, there is a great one just waiting to be filmed.

Coming soon to a theater near you…. 

So, what do you think? Where does fly fishing film go from here?