Going Glass for $25

I’ve never ridden the fiberglass train, but I’ve always been intrigued ever since I read this post from the Fiberglass Manifesto. It was there where I learned about the featherlight. Well, I finally decided to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, when I went to Eagle Claw’s website, I learned they don’t produce the same series. They have the new #Fishskinsflyrod which is a heavier weight than I wanted.

So what do most people do next? Head off to Amazon.


Low and behold, Amazon can have this rod at your doorstep in no time! And the rumors were true. $24.99. Now that I’ve even given you the link, you too can have this rod in just a few clicks. So to quote this year’s Nobel laureate for literature, “Don’t think twice babe, its alright (to buy the fly rod).”

only $25?!?!?!


I’m hoping to christen her this weekend on the Root River. Here’s to a great weekend!


I think I’ll name her Anna.