New video: Driftless Area Classics: Bikes and Music

Midwest music fest is a two weekend event held in lacrosse, Wisconsin and Winona, Minnesota each spring. There are tons and tons of bands playing throughout each city during the weekends. Lots of genres and styles. Intimate venues and big stages. It is awesome and a great way to explore a city. 

Last weekend I went to Winona with a couple friends to spend the afternoon biking around Winona and then enjoy music throughout the night. 

Winona is a cool city. It has about 30,000 people and is essentially a city on an island. It is in between the Minnesota and Wisconsin blufflands along the Mississippi River and is almost completely surrounded by water. It has a couple universities giving it a nice energy. Great biking trails and some nice lookouts including Gavin Heights lookout. 

I made a short video of the trip. I used a song played that night by Jay Smart during his set. He had a phenomenal voice. Think David Gray meets Ed Sheeran meets Tracy Chapman. His cover of Nirvana “Smells like teen spirit” was something to behold. 

Check out the video here on Vimeo!

Looking back to early spring. 

I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of great fisherman and something to Wisconsin. It’s always fun to get on the water with new people. You can learn so many new things and even find a few new kids box. Just like anything else when you fish with someone new, they can help you look at things with a new perspective. See water in the way you hadn’t looked at it before.

My buddy hot dish, for instance, and awesome caster. It’s definitely a smooth operator. It’s fun to watch him look at a run pick out a spot and pull a fish with minimal effort. 

The beta version of Wisconsin Troutspotr is coming together!

With Minnesota maps already working great on Troutspotr, I’ve talked to a few folks and they found it really useful.

I like that he has created some copy and paste links so you can send a stream link to friends or to yourself. Additionally there are direct links to Google map locations.

I’ve already found it a great way to interact with the stream data and look for new places to fish. I know he has had a lot of help from some of the folks on the fishing forums. There was quite a bit of messy did it to sift through especially in northern Wisconsin. Wisconsin has so many fishing regulations it makes creating a single system on the map a little bit difficult. Stu has done amazing Job making this available to everybody.

You can find the maps here at Troutspotr

New Video: Driftless Area Classics: Taking Kids Fishing 

As my son gets older we can get a bit more adventurous. Of course I enjoy days out on the water by myself or with other friends, but I cherish the opportunity to spend an hour or two exploring the outdoors with my son. Courtney (@sculpinarmy) and I decide to spend a warm March Saturday morning in the Wisconsin driftless area fishing with our kids. Different ages require different levels of attention. My son is just three years old and wants to do things “all by myself!” Courtney’s daughter on the other hand is content with a full belly, dry diaper, and constant motion.
God, these times are so good. 

Click the link below and enjoy a short video of our morning on the water.

Driftless Area Classics: Taking Kids Fishing