Video from our last TU Meeting: Fly Tying "The Usual"

The fly pattern called “The Usual” is a versatile fly that definitely falls under the minimalist category in terms of number of materials and simplicity. In this video, John Kelly of the Bill Wills Southeast Virginia Trout Unlimited Chapter shows how to tie his version. 
Pattern developed by Fran Betters
Tied by John Kelly
Narrated by David Nash
Any wide gap hook, size 12-18
Rabbit foot fur, CDC, or deer hair
0/6 thread, orange is used here
dubbing wax is optional
Email us at

Finally, the Australia trip video is done.

It took me a while to sit down and complete it, but it is finally done. As I didn’t’ really plan on making a video form the start, it is a bit of a hodgepodge of scenes from the trip, but overall, it does a nice job of showing some of the sights we enjoyed on our journey. The music is also provided by an Aussie band, Angus and Julia Stone
For the recap of the days see below.
Day 3 – hmmm… I guess there was no Day 3… 

In October 2013, Sara and I made a whirlwind trip to Queensland, Australia. Good food, coffee, waves, deadly snakes and poisonous catfish, great conversation, wildlife and plenty of sunshine. 
Music: Angus and Julia Stone: “Paper Aeroplane”

Feeling Nostalgic and Reliving My "Rush to the Driftless"

Filmed this a while ago, 
but it seemed like a good time to revisit the old material. 
We all have waters
Tied to our core.
Mine is the Driftless.
What is yours?

I traveled back to the homeland for a week of family and friends. Fly rod and tenkara in tote, my dad and I met up with the Winona Fly Factory ( fisherman and we explored some of what the Driftless area has to offer for trout fishing. The tenkara rod ended up being a great option for my dad, someone who is pretty new to fly fishing. He took to it well. It was a long time on the water, but we had a great weekend fishing, finding morel mushrooms, and hanging out at the barn. 
Music graciously borrowed from The Rural Alberta Advantage: The Ballad of RAA
Filmed with GoPro, iPhone 4,

Cast ‘n Swim in Warmer Waters

We seek refuge in the warmer waters of southern countries when the winters begin to drag. Fly rod in tow, I tried my hand at tropical fish. We snorkeled and SCUBA dived to find the ones we didn’t catch. If you keep your eyes peeled at 3:42, you’ll see my elusive Permit swimming through the frame. 
Now, stop watching and go catch some fish. 
*Note, I spelled the band’s name wrong in the video. They are “Hey Marseilles.”


A little homage to the time and energy we dedicate to preparing for a day of fly fishing. Next Monday I have a day off. I’m waking up early to blast down to Harkers Island with a buddy. We hope for agreeable fish as well as weather. Enjoy the short clip. It turned out a little melodramatic, which makes me laugh in hindsight. Not sure how that happened. I like tying flies. Maybe it is because I was really tired.

The longest title ever: Storm Trooper Tie-off: The Other Side of Fly Fishing (or Preparing for Battle)

New Video! Fish? or Sleep?

Fish? or Sleep? from My Leaky Waders on Vimeo.

I went out today with a buddy for a quick fish after my night shift and before his afternoon got started. It was my first time out fishing this area of Norfolk in a boat. He also christened his boat by catching the first fish. That’a way Brad. 

Fish? or Sleep? Always choose fish.

Music by Arcade Fire, “Keep the Car Running”

Filmed with iphone and gopro hero.