July 4th, 2011: When I think of the U.S.

I tried to think freely of what America/July 4th means to me. These are images (picked from the web) that came to my mind.
my favorite minnesota 4ths have been spent at a place like this
a recent trip here. philly cheesesteak!
Crazy Horse – Tashunca Uitco
Yellowstone – Buffalo
the recent oil spill in Yellowstone River is another
example of the cost of being human

Neil Young and Willie Nelson
American greats
The Sandlot.
this was obvious, but fireworks are great

Rootbeer floats are amazing!
Liberty Bell

And finally my patriotic efforts for the weekend are being (unofficially) sponsored by the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, Ca. They have been kind enough to stock up the local wine/beer store with their “Hell or High Watermelon” brew and allow me to purchase it.

It is a wheat beer (nice for summer) infused with watermelon-y overtones (also nice for summer)… mmm….. Celebrate responsibly.