One season ends, another begins

Each winter, Bill Campbell, a local long time member of the recently resurrected local TU chapter (now officially called Bill Wills Southeast Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited) has led fly fishing seminars for those interested in the sport. It is usually 3-4 Saturdays’ throughout the winter. There is an initial discussion about fly fishing, equipment, where to go, what to catch, etc, followed by opportunities for everyone to tie a wooly bugger and have a chance to cast a fly rod. Bill is joined by other local TU chapter members including folks with a wide range of fly fishing experience including trout and salmon, warm water, and saltwater fishing.  The Chapter’s Mentor, Mr. Bill Wills, has been fishing most of his life and at age 90+ continues to be an active, almost daily, fisherman, and to pass on his legacy to many generations. 
Bill Campbell getting things started. 
The crowd. 
Bill Wills 

“Let me show you how it’s done.”

Tight loops.

A Suffolk reporter even stopped by.

Rest Easy, Friday Night: Vol. 4: Neighborhood Edition.

It occurred to me that I grew up next to some very musically talented people. So, for this edition of Rest Easy, Friday Night, I thought I would share some music from my “neighbors.”  I’m using neighbors loosely.  I went to high school with each of these people and we lived less than 5-10 miles apart.
Bret and I go back to little league baseball. He is a wonderful writer and has a sense of humor to rival Andy Samberg. I used to grab a mid-run glass of water from his house on those humid Minnesota summer days.

Second: Enter Jeramiah Nelson, also here, and here. A prolific troubadour who plays with many midwestern musicians including Brad Hoshaw (RE,FN: Vol 3). A year ahead of me in school, we took the bus home together in 5/6th grade. He was a bit of a rebel even then.

*note, “nothing to lose” was covered by Brad Hoshaw in the previous friday music post. That’s right, the dots are connecting.
Lastly, we’ll go with Nathan Miller and the Unstoppable Company. In all fairness, he is my brother’s age, but we still overlapped in high school.


There is also Mark Noseworthy of Pink and Noseworthy who lived a mile or so away from us. He was in my brother’s grade as well. Great guitarist. To be honest, I don’t know his stuff as well. But the link is there if you are interested.
So ends the Neighborhood Edition of Rest Easy, Friday Night. That’s a lot of music.