Tenkara and golf in the Driftless

Let’s get one thing straight from the start. I’m not a good golfer. I get out 2-3 times a year and usually shoot about 35 over par. I don’t know if I’ve ever scored in the 90s… That being said, I do like golf enough to return to the course when the invite arises. Just like aiming for that perfect cast, each shot is an opportunity to connect. Though that doesn’t happen often for me.

We have so many streams here in the area of Minnesota/Wiscsonsin and often times water runs through golf courses. When I got the invite to hit the links on a course with a known trout stream, I new right away what other “club” would be in my bag.

I brought my Tenkara USA Ito along with a small hopper pattern tied on. We were having weather in the mid 90s (a little lower than what my final score would be) and terrestrials were getting active. We were on the course/water by about 8am.

Charlie (@Troutchief) has never used a tenkara rod, but was intrigued by the concept.

The biggest challenge was keeping an eye on the golfing groups behind us 🙂

Depending on when we shot in our group of 4, he and I would take turns running down to a stream section to get in a few drifts.

In spite of my eventual score of 105 strokes, we landed 3 fish making it, by far, the best day of golf I’ve ever had. What is better? Looks like I may have made a tenkara convert. Word has it Charlie bought his first tenkara rod that week 🙂

I’m not going to add that outing onto my “days on the water” tally, but it was a awesome way to spice up a round of potentially frustrating golfing 🙂

Replacement Pieces and Contest Reminder

First things first, a couple giveaway/contests are underway right now that you may interest you.

1. Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman: KOVU giveaway – this is the last day to submit an entry. Tell him a story of “a KAVU Day– the adventure that leaves you exhilarated, exhausted and fully alive.”  Heads up. This one ends today.

2. OBN: Coleman Giveaway: Share a story how Coleman brought you and your family closer together.

3. OBN: Trout Unlimited Blogger Tour

These are some pretty awesome opportunities if you are into that. 

Secondly, I would like to tell you about my experience with the Tenkara USA replacement process. Troutrageous eluded to the process here as well. After a long day of fishing Minnesota’s Driftless area we reached the car and began putting away the gear. It was then, I noticed the missing screw cap on the tenkara rod. The chances of finding it? Nil. It was more important to get back to a hot meal at that point. 

After searching the Tenkara USA site, I found out their replacement policy is pretty spectacular. The prices are low and the shipping time is remarkable. It was just over $7 (that’s including shipping) and the cap got to my door in about 36hrs. Crazy.