Kristian Matsson’s Guitar Strap

I am envious of Kristian Matsson’s (aka Tallest Man on Earth)
guitar strap in addition to his musical skills.
He has been know to collaborate with Rolf Nylinder. I would love to fish with these guys. Rolf has a few videos showcasing Matsson HERE. So good.
I figured out who makes these. It is Linny Kenny out of New Hampshire. Her stuff is amazing.

Meant to post this about a month ago. The post after this will show the result of this new find.

Rest Easy, Friday Night: Vol. 16: The Musical Education of Leaky Waders

So many things rush through my head, sitting next to this new little addition to our family. He surely is an amazing little man.

I started to think of music, and, if he likes music, what his journey will be. Then I thought, hmm, what are the big songs that influenced me through the years. I’m going to go WAY back on this one. I’ve been all over the place. I’m sure if I thought about it longer, I could come up with SO many more. 
Enjoy the seemingly endless supply of youtube videos!
“Rubber Ducky”- Ernie
“Star Wars Theme”
Michael W. Smith “Friends are Friends”
“In the Jungle” – The Nylons
Aladdin “A Whole New World”
Audio Adrenaline “Big House”
Eric Clapton Unplugged “Tears in Heaven”
Mr. Big “To Be With You”
Weird Al Yankovic “Yoda”
Dave Matthews “Crush”
Dire Straights “Money for Nothing”
Peter Frampton “Baby I Love Your Ways”
Tom Petty “Free Fallin'”
Wyclef Jean “Staying Alive”
Tim McGraw “Live Like You Were Dying”
Regina Spektor “Real Love”

Ryan Adams “Winding Wheel”
Conor Oberst “Moab”
Tallest Man on Earth “Love is All”
Josh Ritter “Temptation of Adam”
Angus and Julia Stone “Paper Aeroplane”