E-zines and Poems.

Several online magazines, or “e-zines,” came to my mailbox inbox this week.

First we have the inaugural issue of Southern Culture on the Fly. It is a well done e-zine, and if you look closely, you might see some contributors you recognize. Pretty darn awesome. A nice video of carp fishing, an article on the Appalachian Brookie, and much more.

Next we have the a fun journal about the fly fishing, hunting, and related art of Argentina, Chile, and Patagonia. The Patagonia Journal. There are some great photos here. You’ll have South America on your wish list before you get to page 10.

Lastly, there is the always awesome Catch Magazine. Issue #20. Some great photo essays including Alaska and New Zealand. Let’s just say this: After checking out the latest issue, I’m moving us to British Columbia… or Alaska… or New Zealand… or wherever it is those guys were fishing in the tropics… Hard to decide 🙂

Now for November’s two-for-one poem post….

Lovely Things.

I went for a walk
Not expecting to catch a thing,
But hoping to understand the waters
I came away with a list of lovely things:

Spicy brown mustard and wasabi
The way you wiggle out of your jeans
Exploring new waters to fish

Peanut butter cookies, soggy with milk
You and the cat on the couches asleep
Retinas in stereo-vision
French press coffee.

Squeaky, warm, salty cheese curds
And drinking whey from the bag
Sliding the fish back into the water
Quiet at the end of the day.

Lying on the couch at my parents house,

with only the light coming form the Christmas tree

Breaking a sweat,
A cool, fresh breeze.


Skinny Love.

It was on the Pine Ridge Reservation
Of the Lakota Souix
While playing cards with the Jesuits
In an old Catholic school
Drinking root beer floats
When I first heard the song
“Skinny Love”
Performed by Bon Iver
And it echoed through
My marrow
And is moving me still

This is Fly: Aug/Sept Issue

The latest issue of “This is Fly” is out. I’ve only looked at the first few pages, but it looks spectacular. There are a lot of great online fly fishing magazine now, Catch Magazine, Southern Culture on the Fly, Drake, etc, etc…

What makes “This is Fly” so unique, I think it is their focus on fishing with the addition of art and music. They have a “mixtape” in every issue.

update! check out the awesome comic strip style photo journal in the mag from Rolf at Front Side Fly. Awesome.

So check it out and enjoy the read. I’m going to try and finish it a bit later.

Southern Culture on the Fly

I stumbled across this on the side of Owl Jones’ Place. As far as I can gather, it is similar to Catch Magazine (in terms of photography, video and variety of fish), but with more words and focussed on The Southern US. They have their preview, or “spring thaw” issue to the upcoming October 2011 inaugural issue here.

I laughed a bit while reading it. I like the attitude. An enjoyable preview for what is sure to be a fun online periodical.