January 1. Winter trout season opener.

I lost a glove, broke a net, caught some great fish, and discovered why wing trout fishing in southeast Minnesota and the driftless area is amazing. 
New Year’s Eve was spent quietly with my wife, Ryan Secrest, and a fly tying vise. 
New Year’s Day began 16deg with a biting wind and a 2 mile hike through the snow. 
I’m thankful for the easement and property owners who have left this land undeveloped. 
The fish were generous and willing to take nymphs and streamers. 
Now, the big question is, when I got back to get my glove I lost somewhere by the stream, do I bring a rod?

Turkey Season: Southeast Minnesota

My brother could only describe his recent turkey hunt as epic. I’ve got the pictures, I’m just waiting to hear the full story. Nice work, bro!

Congrats also goes out to the other brother and his wifey for the birth of their 5th! I love being an uncle.