Painting Through Prosek: Silver Trout (Extinct)

The Silver Trout is only recorded in history briefly, at the end of the 19th century. Whatever the cause of its extinction, Prosek pays homage with a simple recreation. Similar to a brook trout with out the pattern along its back, crimson belly and fins, and red and yellow spots on its side. 
Again, I find myself dabbling with water color techniques with the acrylic paint to achieve a likeness to Prosek’s fish. And, again, I struggle to get the colors how I want them. I also need to continue to focus on proportions. 
This was the first time I incorporated the fins into the painting. That was an adventure. 

If you are interested in picking up a copy of James Prosek’s “Trout: An Illustrated History,” you might be able to find it at your local book store, fly shop, or online