Painting Through Prosek: McCloud River Rainbow Trout

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a “generic rainbow,” but according to Prosek, the McCloud River Rainbow was the strain that was moved from the East coast westward to introduce rainbows. The colors of the fish I find online vary greatly from each other and from Prosek’s version. 

New Video: Ugly Fishing on a Nice Day

Beaver Creek beat me up. She stole my flies and what little pride I had. Fortunately, Kevin and John managed some fish. Though, even the one rainbow I caught on camera has a mangled jaw, torn up gill plate and a chomp out of its back. Was it a hawk? Heron? Ninja? That being said, it was a gorgeous day. Maybe a little too nice (sunny and breezy). 
One of my goals for the trip was to work on smoother/steadier filming. I think I accomplished that. I used a tripod, which I have never done. I also used a different setting on the GoPro to get wide angle shots and save memory. 
Lastly, I decided to provide my own music for this video and skip the copyright infringement.