New Trout Fishing Terminology: Peep Show.

A buddy and I went out yesterday to find some big browns. No big boys, but we did catch a few fish. Well, he caught a few fish. I just managed one in hand. Otherwise, I was geting flashed all day. It was like a peep show. I got to see a lot of action, but I never got to touch the goods.

We had a laugh about the analogy, but then I decided to make it known. That is my new phrase. You’ve got “tight lines” or “boom” or “what choo talkin’ ’bout Willis?” Well, when you spend most of the day seeing nothing but flashes of silver and gold, you will have just experienced your first trout fishing peep show.

I hope you don’t have to use these words. I hope you get the real deal. But if you need to, use the phrase. These words are not mine. They are for all of us to enjoy. Go forth.

Tight lines. Or Boom… Or
** I realize I’m probaly not the first person to use the phrase in this way. If you’ve already coined it, let me know and we’ll give you the credit you deserve  :)