Pimping the Driftless Area and their fishermen

Remember that line from that Beatles song, “All you need is blog love”? That’s what this post is all about.

I’m biased towards the Driftless Area. Let’s just get that on the table from the start. I grew up there and had my first trout fishing experiences on the Whitewater and Root River in Southeast Minnesota. As such, it is not surprising that I hold a special place in my heart for all things trout from that area. Today I’m bringing you back to a page I’ve shared before. The Winona Fly Factory. Justin was, and still is, the only other blogger I’ve fished with.

After a brief hiatus from blogging, Justin is back in full force with stream reports, awesome flies, pictures, and even video.

Okay, let me back up for a second. Are you reading/watching this and simultaneously googling (“googling” is a verb now, get over it) “Driftless Area?” Justin shared a cool video that does a great job of sharing what it is all about.

Now that you’re caught up, there are new things on the horizon for Winona Fly Factory. I give to you, the W. F. F. Fly Shop. I would particularly like to draw your attention to the Pink Squirrels and the Hair Balls. I’ve fished with each of these and done very well. If you see a Sprinkle Me Baby on there in the future, do yourself a fave …. (I can’t believe I wrote “fave.” I mean FAVOR. “fave” is not a word…) and get some. He has great skill at the vise and these flies catch fish and hold up wonderfully. You can even see the man at work in The Factory in this recent video.

The rumor is, there are other things in the works for The Winona Fly Factory. He wouldn’t key me in on them, but I’m thinking they are pretty sweet. 
So go forth, and check out the page or start planning your trip to the Driftless Area. You won’t be disappointed. 
There are many other notable blogs from the Driftless Area that are worth checking out:
And I’m sure there are much more. As always, you can find these and other blogs at The Outdoor Blogger Network’s Blogger Directory.

Things of an Owlie Nature

I love getting mail. Let me rephrase that. I love getting pertinent, enjoyable mail. Opening a letter from friend or family is always fun. Opening a package is even more exciting. Especially when you are not sure what is inside.

I came in 2nd place in the Rise Fishing Giveaway contest help by Owl Jones. Yesterday, I found a package leaning against my door, waiting for me to come home.

Inside I found a new Morell magnetic fly box, about 15 hand tied flies made by none other than Owl Jones himself (guaranteed to catch fish), a beautiful brook trout pin, a retracting tool holder, and a fancy Rise Fishing Co. decal sticker.

Other Owl related items. Mr. Jones is working on a Fly Fishing Across America trip this summer. What I like most about it (besides wishing it was me going on the journey) is that he is trying to connect with other outdoor bloggers along the way. There already is an OBN summer rendezvous scheduled and I believe his plan is to stop by that as well. Since this is Owl Jones we are talking about, he will be filming the entire thing. I am imagining an epic hour long movie showing us the fun and beauty of fly fishing in state after state.

Anyway, I’m supporting this trip, in writing and with a small monetary donation (money should never stand in the way of a dream. It is a real world reality, but a silly one). I’m posting a link on the side of my page, an Owl Jones one and hope you have a moment to check him out. As he says, at the very least, he is entertaining.