Spring at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Sara and I got a membership to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens this weekend. The weather was beautiful and the Azaleas and dogwoods were blooming fiercely. The park has several miles of trails that are much friendlier to the stroller and walkers/runners than our busy streets. Looks like the blog will have a few more flower photos in the future. 

Dogwood in the Enchanted Forrest part of the park.
Kurume Hybrid Azalea – “Salmon Beauty”
Kurume hybrid Azalea – “Kirin”

Another Variety

Weekend photos: July 29, 30, 31

I’m brightening the background up a bit today. I feel this is a happier color.
Friday night: Living the dream with Dominion Oak Barrel Stout. This beer has a crisp flavor compared to other stouts I’ve mentioned here. The vanilla bean flavor is a unique twist.

A squirrel and deer tail sent to me from my Grandpa in Minnesota. He keeps his keen eyes out for roadkill. Thanks, Grandpa!
Saturday we took my parent’s to see downtown Norfolk and the USS Wisconsin.
Sara and I eating dinner at Rudee’s on the Inlet. Not too shabby.

With a step to Neptune’s left the photo made him look much more angry than the contemplative shot on the left. Go easy on the  turtle Poseidon, what did he ever do to you?