Patagonia Teams up with MLW

Okay, I can see how that title might be misleading. ¬†Patagonia really has no affiliation with me, but I did “borrow” their fish logo after reading about their generous donation on this web page which he got from this web page¬†which came from here.

I decided I would make a Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountain version of their trout emblem. I based the image off of the photo below…..

Thanks Family Vacationist!
Now it is time to see the evolution of the Patagonia Blue Ridge Mountain Trout Design.
The Original

I see a little trout; I want it painted black.

Rounding out the Blue Ridges.

Creating depth.

Adding some highlights.

Brighten up that cloudy morning sky.

Here comes the sun.

Right Now

Not younger than I am,
Nor more mature,
Appropriately fit for this
Body and Mind.
I wonder.
Is this when the poles change?
Next year will I fight to
Feel the strength of years previous,
Eventually giving up to
Cycle through the discussion again an again?
50 is the new 30.
Am I really 65?
82 and so tired.
93 and ready for dancing.
Right now, it feels about right, for now.
Now that that is done, have you stopped by lately and checked out the latest submission to Slob of the Month (SOTM)? Erin over at has just laid down the gauntlet for the July submissions. Crazy!
Also, I posted a short vid at vimeo of a recent outing. Spoiler! No fish shown. Just having fun with the cam and music.

beat by the night. fly fishing the cbbt. from My Leaky Waders on Vimeo.

Have a great day!
– David

WILSON!!!!! ….. I mean WINSTON!!!!

Just follow the link. I love this. Tom Hanks may not play the same roles as “Joe Verses the Volcano,” “Big” or “The Burbs,” but he is still hilarious.

“Joe Versus the Volcano” – one of my favorite movies. can’t say why.

The story is here at the R. L. Winston Rod Co.

The original story involves either “WILSON!”…


or, somehow, Owen…

Or Luke…

Oh, wilson.