Gear Review: Wicked Good Scuffs. L.L. Bean Slippers

Heck yes I’m going to do a gear a review about a pair of slippers. Especially when there are this good. How good, you ask? Wicked Good… Scuffs, that is.

These slippers came into my life late December, and my feet have been happy ever since. Whether it is running outside to get the mail or take out the trash, or lounging on the couch typing away, I’ve been pleased with the comfortable, sturdy nature of these puppies.

The slippers do seem to stretch a bit as you wear them in, so I ordered a size 10 as I tend to run about a 10.5. They were tight for about a day or two and then they molded to my tootsies perfectly.

LL Bean also has free shipping and is located in Maine, both of which are really cool things.

Cons: At $69 you could get by with a cheaper pair of slippies but they probably wouldn’t be made of sheepskin.
So let’s think about this a bit. It has been a cold winter. Your floor, if uncarpeted has not been kind to your bare feet. I haven’t read the farmer’s almanac, but being that it is still January (or, Juan-uary, if you prefer… yes, I’m keeping up with Juan Pablo’s search for love, and I’m comfortable sharing that with you), and we probably have plenty of cold months left this year, consider doing your toes a solid and looking into a nice pair of slippers. If you do, give these a thought. I have a feeling, I won’t be going back to bare feet in the winter, and LL Bean Wicked Good Scuffs will be my slipper of choice for years to come. 
*Disclosures:  I have no financial interest in LL Bean, but I do have both personal and financial interest in my wife, who bought me these Wicked Good Scuffs. 

The Best Door Mat

Last year, when Sara and I went to Maine, we stumbled by these door mats that are made of float rope used by lobster fisherman. I thought it was the coolest thing. The float ropes tended to tangle up the Right Whales so there was a push to switch to sinking ropes. The mats are a way to repurpose the old rope. Well, for my b-day, my sneaky wife remembered my fondness of these scratchy, durable, mats and got me a mat of my very own. She knows me the best. The perfect gift for this birthday boy.

You can buy them online through Maine Float Rope, The New England Trading Company, or just type “lobster door mat” in your search engine and you’ll find plenty of places to purchase one. 

Maine Snail Mail

I looked all over Maine. Really, I tried. I went to each post office to try and find the newest issue of Catch Magazine. But then I realized something. You can’t find it at the post office because it is only available online 🙂

The Belfast, Maine Post Office
The Camden, Maine Post Office
The Bar Harbor, Maine Post Office

** on Sunday I’ll post some more recaps of the trip. Thanks for following!