I heard somewhere January was fire month….

And what a month it is. The Unlucky Hunter has been going all Carrie on the month of January burning everything in sight.

That really was a pretty dress.
But she went a little overboard on the red makeup.

It is rather fitting as January tends to be chilly.

I, with about 30 other bloggers, was lucky enough to get a pack of Lightload Outdoor Towels from a recent OBN give away.  The free swag we accumulate from being involved in this outdoor online community is pretty amazing (see here, and here, and here), and these towels are really no different.

They look and feel like repurposed operating room towels. Very clever if you ask me as these tend to be extremely cheap since they are often bought in bulk to be used once, saturated in blood, and thrown away. However, you don’t have to saturate yours in blood, but if you do, you don’t have to throw it away. As they say on the package, you can use it as a diaper, towel, pot-holder, and (here’s where we come full circle) a fire starter. And if you don’t burn it, you can wash it and use it again.

Sara and I used ours when we went running the other night. After soaking up the sweat, I kept it in my pocket while doing some night fishing in the rain. I was nice to have to pad down my glasses and even the gopro plastic lens. I don’t know if I’d recommend as a camera lens cloth. I could see how it would be scratchy.

I let the rag dry out overnight, and this evening, tested the fire starting theory.  It worked like a gasoline soaked gem. Sara and I had some fun with the photos 🙂

comes in a nice,  palm size, water resistant package
It seems a bit odd as a disc shaped sponge.
I think it is working. 
Oh, I see, it unfolds.

Wow, that’s a nice towel.

It really gets in there and dries your face. 

It’s okay towel, you’ll be fine. I promise….

It lit without hesitation.
Happy Fire Month!!!!