New water, new friends, new camera

With a sudden opening in my schedule, my habit of storing my fishing gear in the car paid off. Instaagram again gets a nod for connecting fly fishers. I connected with @hotdishflyfish recently and shot him a message. His work schedule usually results in free days/mornings, so we met for a couple hours on his local stream.
The water was new to me. It had plenty approachable holes and runs, but the clarity was a little too clear. Even with the overcast skies, the fish were jumpy. I managed a few flashes and finally landed a standard driftless brown.

Hot Dish spend the morning casting his Blue Halo with a nymphing rig. He had a few takes that were not sticks but nothing to hand. That was fine by him. Dry hands are warms hands in the winter.

We have a warm spell coming through. That should bring the trout out to feed especially as the snow melt leads to turbid waters.

On another note, I finally gave in and bought a camera other than my phone. We will see how it goes. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, so I think the Sony a6000 will do well for me. If not, you may see it re-listed on ebay 🙂

Instagram Killed My Blog

I finally figured out one of the big reasons I blog less. Instagram. I really enjoy sharing the photos from different blog-worthy events, and the convenience and instant gratification of Instagram has wedged itself between me and this blog. Just like the remote control killed the TV dial, Instagram has taken a big bite out of my blog. That being said, minidiscs destroyed my CD collection for a mere winter and spring before I saw the light. (That is until Apple came along. But hey, I still buy CDs from time to time).

No skipping unlike your pesky, portable CD player with the 10-sec anti-sock.
They both have their rolls (blogging and Instagram). Now that I’ve identified the competition between the two I think I can make sure they are both getting the attention they deserve. 
To that end, here are some (blog exclusive) photos from a short trip to the cabin this weekend. 
Highlights include a hefty bass hitch David described as “very smooth.” David’s first Kayak ride (he liked it a lot, no tears despite the uneasy look on his face in the photo). More fishing shots with the three David’s (grandpa, daddy, and little David. 
Caught off the dock, and not in season. So we threw it back. 
Three Davids
Like a Boss. 
He had fun, trust me. 
My son is the coolest. 

Look to the right of this post….. —–>>>

I just added a new widget that lets you listen to my new CD on the blog. It is just above the Instagram widget. I’ve got it set up so you can listen to the full CD. You are also welcome to check it out on Spotify or buy it on iTunes. Now you’ve got a soundtrack for my sporadic short posts. Your dreams come true, I’m sure 🙂

There it is in the top right of this photo!

Painting Through Prosek: Spawning Colorado River Cutthroat Trout

I’ve been looking forward to this fish ever since a I saw a photo posted by Ivan of Yukon Goes Fishing on his Instagram feed. 

photo by YGF… I think.
Now, I don’t really know for sure if that is Colorado River Cutthroat or a Yellowfin Cutthroat. What really amazed me was the spot distribution and stark contrast of the yellow body. 
I have primarily been focusing on the broad side of the fish. As you can seen in James Prosek’s depiction, it is rather spotless. That meant I had to get a little creative in how I added the spots in. I could have painted the entire fish or just the tail, but I decided to go a different direction.

There may still be time to put this book on your Christmas list. 
The cheap paint set I bought a while back has lasted.
As you can see below, I deiced to just let the spots run off the page. 
I also painted them to fade out a bit. 

Another look at the spots. 

The Instagram shot. 

Next up, the Greenback.

Rest Easy, Friday Night: Vol 8: The Alabama Shakes

The Alabama Shakes consists of Brittany Howard, guitarist Heath Fogg, bassist Zac Cockrell, and drummer Steve Johnson. 

Their hit song has me hooked since I heard it on NPR. Hearing it in passing, I actually though it was Jack White for a brief moment, but no, Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes rocks in her own unique way. The album is pretty solid, though, I’ve noticed some of the slowed down, acoustic, less produced versions on youtube tend to be more enjoyable.

No fishing planned for me this weekend. My hands are healing from some tight lined wounds. When my skin is split by a big fish, I have a stinging reminder for several days when I take notes, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, or reach to shake someone’s hand. It is a nice reminder. It seems fitting too. I leave a scar on a fish lip. Why shouldn’t get cut in return?

Tight lines lead to split fingers.

The hit single on the Alabama Shakes’ album is “Hold On.” It is a solid rock tune that you might just hear in one move my videos some day. If you are busy and can only listen to one more, go to the last one video.

“Boys and Girls” is a nice slow song. A bittersweet exploration about relationships that seem to run their course. On the bright side, she uses the term “fish.” So that’s good.

“Rise to the Sun” is has a line that really dose it for me. I think it is just her accent. “…where I belong, oh, where I was born…” It curls my lip and makes me feel like groovin’… You can picture me grooving, can’t you?

“I Found You.”   Just so good – “I’ve traveled a long way… but you know I’ve found you.”

I hope you’ve made it this far. I will leave you with a slower song to cap off your night.

“You Ain’t Alone” 
By the Alabama Shakes

Just listened to it again. I guess it isn’t that slow 🙂

key ingredient to a fishy day

Heading out to the eastern shore as we speak. I’m hoping for big things.

It is already a joy just to be sitting in the car waiting to drive across the bridge. It just goes to show, I love the “going” part of going fishing. It has its own place in the list of things I enjoy about fishing.

They key difference between today and the last few outings? I’ve replenished the stores of my fishy snacks. Here’s to tight lines and split fingers.