New Video: 2067: Carpacolypse

In the year 2067, the fisheries are much different. Carp are the dominant species in the waterways. Lucky for us, they are pretty darn fun to catch on a fly. 
Please enjoy the scenes I put together from a recent trip to Houston, Texas. Not many fish caught on camera, but I had a great time getting my first carp on a fly. If you make it down, check out the urban fisheries in the area. Also be sure to stop by iFly The Angler’s Edge. The staff there are great. 
Filmed with my GoPro HD and iPhone. 
Music: “Blues De Bernadette” by the Lost Bayou Ramblers. 

Holy Carp.


I’ve put in a decent amount of time working this local bayou in Houston. I’ve learned how and where to spot these fish. I’ve dreamt about catching carp the last three nights. I’ve named a few stretches of water. The Buffalo Hole. Pleco flats. The Falling Rat Bridge (Falling Rat for short. It is exactly what it sounds like). The Trash Curve (also exactly what it sounds like). The names aren’t pretty, but, man, these grass carp are a fun challenge. I’ve got a few more days to recreate some magic and possibly get some more footage.

Stay tuned…

ps. if you haven’t stopped by the OBN in a bit, they are getting at it again, so get over there and see what you can find…

What Houston Has to Offer

I’ve been sent to Houston for a month of hard work, but somehow, my fly rod ended up in my hotel room. I’ve got some plans for some urban outings over the next few weeks that will hopefully provide for some cool footage, and, hopefully, my first carp on the fly, among other species.

I’ve noticed there are some great resources down here including the Texas Fly Fishers, a huge organization of fly fishing enthusiasts. I may end up trying to connect with them if time allows. I’ll keep you all posted.


See the video “Carpocalypse” showing the culmination of my Houston experience HERE.