Instagram Killed My Blog

I finally figured out one of the big reasons I blog less. Instagram. I really enjoy sharing the photos from different blog-worthy events, and the convenience and instant gratification of Instagram has wedged itself between me and this blog. Just like the remote control killed the TV dial, Instagram has taken a big bite out of my blog. That being said, minidiscs destroyed my CD collection for a mere winter and spring before I saw the light. (That is until Apple came along. But hey, I still buy CDs from time to time).

No skipping unlike your pesky, portable CD player with the 10-sec anti-sock.
They both have their rolls (blogging and Instagram). Now that I’ve identified the competition between the two I think I can make sure they are both getting the attention they deserve. 
To that end, here are some (blog exclusive) photos from a short trip to the cabin this weekend. 
Highlights include a hefty bass hitch David described as “very smooth.” David’s first Kayak ride (he liked it a lot, no tears despite the uneasy look on his face in the photo). More fishing shots with the three David’s (grandpa, daddy, and little David. 
Caught off the dock, and not in season. So we threw it back. 
Three Davids
Like a Boss. 
He had fun, trust me. 
My son is the coolest.