Painting Through Prosek: Alaskan Rainbow Trout

On to the next section of Prosek’s book (I’ve inserted an Amazon link here. I figure I owe Prosek that after photographing so many of his images and posting them here. The book is a great addition to any fish lover’s collection.). The Rainbow and Redband have many subspecies. I don’t think I’ll be painting them all, but I’m planning on highlighting the ones that jump out at me for one reason or another.

We begin with the Alaskan Rainbow Trout: Oncorhynchus mykiss mykiss
As Prosek writes in his book, everything is bigger in Alaska, including the trout and mosquitos. Based on the tone of his writing, he clearly had an amazing experience while in Alaska. 
I also used a couple pictures from the internet to guide me with the color choices. 

I really wanted to get the olive colored back right. I also used a little different technique with regard to brush strokes. I think this gave a more “scaled” appearance. 

I’ve been bouncing around the idea of making some blank cards out of these paintings. It might be a good way to raise some money for our local Trout Unlimited chapter here in Southeastern Virginia. 

Until the next time.