New Video: The Last Big Run

Virginia has been good to me. Very good. Still, the time has come to move on. A few members of the local Trout Unlimited chapter (Bill Wills Southeast Virginia TU Chapter) and I made one last run to the mountains to find some hearty brookies. 
With some tips from the boys at the South River Fly Shop in Waynesboro, Virginia, we found our way to a great stream holding wonderful fish. Tenkara has been good to me in the Shenadoahs, and that held true one last time.
Filmed on Gopro Hero, iphone 4s
Music: David Nash “The Fisherman”

Painting Through Prosek: Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout

Moving along in the series, we come to the beautiful Yellowstone Cutthroat. I actually painted this a couple weeks ago, and now looking back at it, I remember sitting down hoping to “whip through it.” Well, it shows a bit. I look at it and see that I was rushed. I can almost feel the stress in the brush strokes. 
But still, the burning colors of Yellowstone’s Native Beauty are enough to make me long for the opportunity to see this fish in person, and that, is part reason why I’m doing this little project. 
Remember, you can support our local Trout Unlimited Chapter and purchase your set prints from my Painting Through Prosek Project at my easy page. All proceeds go to the Bill Wills Southeastern Virginia Trout Unilimited Chapter to fund our involvement in Project Healing Waters, Trout in the Classroom, river cleanups and more. If you have a print you’d like to see as a card or an idea for a special order, contact me at and I’ll see what I can do to help. Thanks for your support!

Great Showing at this weekend’s Northwest River Park Fly Fishing Seminar

This weekend we had 10 volunteers and 40 participants at the Northwest River Park Fly Fishing Seminar in Chesapeake, Va. It was a great showing. The boy scout troop definitely helped with the numbers. The seminars are facilitated by the Chesapeake Parks Dept and the Bill Wills Trout Unlimited Chapter. Yours truly had the duty of leading the class, and besides a few tough questions, it went pretty well.  Every attendant who wants to tie a woolly bugger and cast a fly rod gets a chance. It was fun to see all of the kids having a good time.

Not a dry eye in the crowd. 

One season ends, another begins

Each winter, Bill Campbell, a local long time member of the recently resurrected local TU chapter (now officially called Bill Wills Southeast Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited) has led fly fishing seminars for those interested in the sport. It is usually 3-4 Saturdays’ throughout the winter. There is an initial discussion about fly fishing, equipment, where to go, what to catch, etc, followed by opportunities for everyone to tie a wooly bugger and have a chance to cast a fly rod. Bill is joined by other local TU chapter members including folks with a wide range of fly fishing experience including trout and salmon, warm water, and saltwater fishing.  The Chapter’s Mentor, Mr. Bill Wills, has been fishing most of his life and at age 90+ continues to be an active, almost daily, fisherman, and to pass on his legacy to many generations. 
Bill Campbell getting things started. 
The crowd. 
Bill Wills 

“Let me show you how it’s done.”

Tight loops.

A Suffolk reporter even stopped by.