Fifty and One Hundred.

Back in January of 2009, this blog was a place called “Every Now and Then.” It was a a place for me to post poetry, well, every now and then. Two and a half years later, we are now fly fishing, reviewing equipment, showcasing music and beer, and speaking in the third person.

Tonight, for my 150th post, I am proud to show you my first official fly tying bench.


A couple of things to clear up. Yes, that is a door I’m using as a bench (see the door knob on the right?). And, yes, the upside down 5-gal bucket is my stool. Additionally, that is my car sneaking into the photo.

How happy am I? Immensely 🙂

Let’s have some music to end the post and the evening. 
I’m thinking something upbeat
To get your feet moving.
Maybe something from Ben Kweller
With a video featuring his Grandmother, so sweet.
“I’m just a penny on a train track,
Waiting for my judgment day.
Come on, baby girl, let me see those legs,
Before I get flattened away.”