Finally, the Australia trip video is done.

It took me a while to sit down and complete it, but it is finally done. As I didn’t’ really plan on making a video form the start, it is a bit of a hodgepodge of scenes from the trip, but overall, it does a nice job of showing some of the sights we enjoyed on our journey. The music is also provided by an Aussie band, Angus and Julia Stone
For the recap of the days see below.
Day 3 – hmmm… I guess there was no Day 3… 

In October 2013, Sara and I made a whirlwind trip to Queensland, Australia. Good food, coffee, waves, deadly snakes and poisonous catfish, great conversation, wildlife and plenty of sunshine. 
Music: Angus and Julia Stone: “Paper Aeroplane”

The Land of Oz: Day 6

The trip is coming to an end. Our cat at home is likely royally pissed off at us. We are picking up British phrases like “a bit” and “pottering around” and “gutted” and on and on. 

Tom and I surfed in the morning. I was spent after 30 minutes, two caught waves, and one massive pearl dive. 
We had a morning feed with local lorakeet family. 
Later Emma, Sara and I spent the day relaxing, shopping, walking and napping. We capped off the night with more of the same: food, friends and good conversation. 

The Land of Oz: Day 5

We relaxed Thursday morning, taking our time waking, tom and I fished a bit, enjoying morning tea, and reading. We ate lunch at the Regatta, an 1800s pub and then set off for Currumbin on the Gold Coast. The moment we stepped on the balcony we saw humpback whales breaching and chuffing along the horizon. Tom and I went body surfing. We dried off and went to the store to get ingredients for stir fry and ended the night with great company and conversation. 

Those are flood levels with the date of the flood. 

The Land of Oz: Day 4

Sorry about the mix up on the order of posts but we should be back on track now. Today we took on a whole new beast, driving in Australia. Fortunately, I only curbed the car once and we are all home safe and sound. 
We took a day trip up the Sun Coast to see the beaches of Coolum and the Noosa Heads National Park. We explored tidal pools, saw gorgeous shoreline, swam in the pacific, hiked along the cliffs of the national park, saw an Echidna and an Eastern Brown Snake (venomous but it chose not to strike), but did not see a wild koala or any sea turtles. 
The night is being capped off with a nice cup of tea and some Tim Tams (a local chocolatley treat). 

Espresso in the morning!!!

Watch out for koalas!

The Land of Oz: Day 2

Whew…. We are tired but we are happy. We woke today and, after a nice breakfast of Vegemite on toast, we grabbed the ferry to Queen St and hopped on the bus to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This is a great sanctuary, but what was most special was getting to hold a koala. These are sweet little marsupials. We spent most of the day there. We returned to Brisbane proper and shared a sandwich at a cute restaurant on the river. Later in the evening our friends took us out to Chinatown for dinner. Now we are struggling to stay awake. It is time for bed 🙂 

Sorry for the brief explanations. Can you tell I’m sleepy. 

Jacaranda flower petals are everywhere. 

The Land of Oz: Day 1

I don’t know what happened to Saturday. It was swallowed by international airways and inflight movies. We exited a plane in Brisbane. The Capitol of Queensland Australia. Just as planned, our friends tom and Emma were at the airport to pick us up. After sharing the story with them how we forgot to get our visas but still managed to get into the country, we made it back to their place in St. Lucia to clean up and enjoy coffees. We explored the town by foot, ferry and car. We swam in this pool and went to the top of mt coot-tha and finished the night with pizza and fishing off their dock. We caught a few shark finned catfish and then I was bit off by what we agreed was a bull shark. Not too bad for day one.