Rest Easy, Friday Night: Vol 8: The Alabama Shakes

The Alabama Shakes consists of Brittany Howard, guitarist Heath Fogg, bassist Zac Cockrell, and drummer Steve Johnson. 

Their hit song has me hooked since I heard it on NPR. Hearing it in passing, I actually though it was Jack White for a brief moment, but no, Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes rocks in her own unique way. The album is pretty solid, though, I’ve noticed some of the slowed down, acoustic, less produced versions on youtube tend to be more enjoyable.

No fishing planned for me this weekend. My hands are healing from some tight lined wounds. When my skin is split by a big fish, I have a stinging reminder for several days when I take notes, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, or reach to shake someone’s hand. It is a nice reminder. It seems fitting too. I leave a scar on a fish lip. Why shouldn’t get cut in return?

Tight lines lead to split fingers.

The hit single on the Alabama Shakes’ album is “Hold On.” It is a solid rock tune that you might just hear in one move my videos some day. If you are busy and can only listen to one more, go to the last one video.

“Boys and Girls” is a nice slow song. A bittersweet exploration about relationships that seem to run their course. On the bright side, she uses the term “fish.” So that’s good.

“Rise to the Sun” is has a line that really dose it for me. I think it is just her accent. “…where I belong, oh, where I was born…” It curls my lip and makes me feel like groovin’… You can picture me grooving, can’t you?

“I Found You.”   Just so good – “I’ve traveled a long way… but you know I’ve found you.”

I hope you’ve made it this far. I will leave you with a slower song to cap off your night.

“You Ain’t Alone” 
By the Alabama Shakes

Just listened to it again. I guess it isn’t that slow 🙂