Out with the family

Mother Nature says its official. Winter is gone. It is funny how, just a week ago things felt apocalyptic and people were really stressing out about the snow. And just like that, it is gone and the temps are in the 70s. Turns out we really weren’t as scarred by it as we thought we’d be.



The gorgeous weekend inspired a short afternoon trip to Beaver Creek Valley State Park outside Caledonia, Mn. It is a gorgeous park with nice trails and great hiking options for kids. Level pathways that meander alongside a trout stream. There is ample opportunity for rock throwing and bug digging.

I brought the tenkara rod and was lucky enough to find an eager trout right off the bat. David netted the fella and we were able to talk about what makes a stream clean and healthy enough to let fish live there. We focused on bugs under the rocks. The fish eat bugs. If the stream is healthy, bug can live there. If bugs can live there, fish might be able to as well.



He seemed to grasp the concept because he brought it up while walking along the Black River last night on our way to the La Crosse Soup outing.


img_8965-1 Spring really does seem like it is here. We found plenty of green peaking up through the forrest floor, birds abound, and even found a bat. This was great as David has a fascination with them currently. Anna even got her hands dirty. It is fun seeing the little ones enjoying an afternoon in the woods. Here’s to many more.






Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

2 thoughts on “Out with the family”

    1. Thanks. Yeah. I always have to make sure when I bring a rod with the family I don’t lose sight of why we are out there. My goal is really to show a fish to the kids right now. I try not to force fishing but once that is done, I put it away. It is hard to do but we all have more fun when we all play together right now 🙂


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