6 time on the water so far…

When 2017 came to close I saw a lot of people talk about the number of days on the water. You people are lucky enough to get out and hit that hundred day mark.

I’ve never counted my total numbers of days on the water. I definitely follow the thought process that if I’m lucky enough to be on the water im Lucky enough. That being said, it is somewhat enticing to see how many days I might make it out on the water. I suppose it gives you a frame of reference if you’re just trying to document it. And it also is a good reminder When you feel like you haven’t been fishing very much and you look back and see how much you really got out. So far, I’m at 6 days on the water. At this rate that means I could get out maybe 50 times. That sounds pretty amazing.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

2 thoughts on “6 time on the water so far…”

    1. yes! Keep me honest 🙂 My writing has been lacking…. They all have been short outings. about 2 hours a piece. And the season have been very slow. I’m not planning on fishing in the next couple weeks with this cold steady weather….. Okay, I’ll write a reflection on the early winter season 🙂


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