New Water and New Faces

Stu is a pretty cool guy. He is high energy and always thinking both on and off the water. Stu is the creator of TroutSpotr, a web based application mapping out the basic regulations and access points of trout water in Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is an awesome app. It makes finding new accessible trout water much easier.

We had an awesome morning in Southeast Minnesota on a well known stream that I’d never fished before. We arrived by 7am and were greeted by foggy streams and a friendly puppy. After a quick chat with another fisherman walking the opposite direction, we made our way up the stream. We fished “tandem style” in Stu’s words. Switching off every time we caught a fish. We took 6 or 7 out of the first pool and success continued most of the morning. Right when things seemed like they were cooling down and I was about to head out, we hit a slow run of rising trout.

It was a picture perfect scenario. We were sight casting 40-60 feet to picky rising trout. Eventually, we learned all we could get them on was size 18 Adams and 20 Griffiths. So fun. Great way to end a morning.


Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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