Retiring a fly reel

I bought my first fly reel when I was 16 years old. Essentially it was the one I could afford that seemed built sturdy. I fished off and on throughout my teens really began fishing hard the last 12 years. I have not taken good care of this reel. I accept that responsibility. I used it in the salt water and I don’t think I ever greased the moving parts. Over the last year it’s began grinding and I’ve lost some screws. It has had a good career. But I think it is time to retire.

I went to one of my local fly shops in Viroqua, Wisconsin: The driftless angler

This is a great shop with good intel and a nice inventory. After debating price ranges and feel, I settled on an Echo Base Reel. The reality is, in the Driftless, I don’t need much. Simply something dependable. Something functional. And money saved there can be spent elsewhere. 

And by elsewhere, I mean a new net 🙂 I’ve been eying the Rise nets for a while and when that sweet net caught my eye near the checkout counter, I couldn’t help myself. 
The only trouble is, my son is claiming it as his 🙂

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

One thought on “Retiring a fly reel”

  1. Your reel needs to put away on a shelf designated to memorabilia of a great fishing life. Those Pflueger’s were something else. Just can’t justify the price of the new ones they are making these days! Now, you have me thinking nets…………..


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