The fish are all around you

Living along the Mississippi River in the driftless area leaves no shortage of fishing opportunities for all seasons. We have hundreds of miles of trout streams at our fingertips. And if you get creative and are willing to explore the warm water fishery, the opportunities seem limitless

This week I went for a short walk exploring one of the tributaries of the Mississippi River. I had Intel from a friend that there were fish gathering at a confluence of streams.

It turns out Hot Dish and I stumbled onto a pack of wild gar. they didn’t put up the Best Fight but man are they a cool fish

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

4 thoughts on “The fish are all around you”

  1. I sure don’t mind the warm water fly fishing and have had many years of trout fishing to boot. That being said, never fished for or even seen Gar before. Thanks for shairing!


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