The Microbrew Pride of Wisconsin 

Moving to Wisconsin, there are a few certain truths I have had to reason with. First, most people around me are Green Bay Packers fans. Second, there are five seasons here. Winter, Spring, Summer, fall, and deer hunting. Thirdly, Oktoberfest is taken very seriously. Fourth, Miller light trumps Bud light.

Now, The other local source of pride is the new Glarus brewing Company. Nearly everyone in Wisconsin has enjoyed a spotted cow. The beer is only sold in Wisconsin. There are bars in Minnesota who have been fine for illegally smuggling kegs of the brew across the border. I know I enjoy a wide variety of beers and probably don’t have the most select a pallet, but I can say with certainty he that I enjoy every flavor of new Glarus beer.

So what’s the point of this post? Nothing really. I suppose if anything it is just to remind you that if you make it to Wisconsin, take advantage of the opportunity and find yourself some of the exclusive local breweries. They are pretty darn good.
Yes I realize I may have lost most of my followers by switching from the Google form it to WordPress, but I’ve never posted for the followers. I enjoy the blog and community and it has been fun to get to know all of you. But in the end, this blog is an outlet and Google was making that outlet in accessible for me. I’ve already posted three times since making the switch in the last week. Maybe it’s the novelty of the switch, or maybe they improved accessibility really is the difference. Either way, it’s good to be posting again.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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