Norfolk Staycation: Day 2

Yesterday was another great day. We are enjoying having a little mommy/daddy time keeping baby David at daycare for the mornings and then picking him up early to get extra time with him in the afternoon. 

Yesterday we dropped David off at daycare, grabbed some coffees and headed to a local used book shop. We got a neat cookbook for us and a fun book for David. 
Then we drove out to the restaurant Bay Local in Virginia Beach to try a new spot for brunch. It was AMAZING. Sara had the Jamaican Rum French Toast and I had Biscuits and Gravy with a side of sautéed kale (the greens cancel the gravy in terms of unhealthiness). 
Then we went home to digest, and I put the kayaks on the car and we drove down to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge to paddle around (an activity not safe for the little guy). We saw a snake, cranes, egrets, and a lot of gar including one massive one being trailed by either their pups or potential mates. The girth was the size of my thigh and it swam right underneath my paddle board. Crazy. 
After that, we picked up the little guy and had him help up wash off the kayaks. Then we realized and enjoyed bath and story time. After an awesome game of cribbage in which I won (this rarely happens), Sara and I went to bed early because Wednesday, we had big, big plans.

The sunscreen made David’s eyes a bit puffy. Poor little guy 😦

A gopro shot from the kayaks. 

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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