Rest Easy, Friday (Saturday) Night: The NPR Tiny Desk Contest Edition

If you listen to NPR, you may have heard of the contest going on. NPR is looking for the unsigned, the unknown, the unidentified musician. It is a fun concept. They have a regular program called Tiny Desk Concerts where well known musician stop by and play stripped down sets in an office.

What is neat is that local NPR stations are joining in and holding smaller contests. This is highlighting some pretty great music. Just go to youtube and search “Tiny Desk Contest” and pull thread after thread of unique musicians. I’m just going to post a few random ones that I think are fun. I’ll also share my entry for the local station. Since there have been only like 4 entries, I figured my odds were better than any other contest I’ve ever entered.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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