South Florida Vacation: day 3

The Plan was to get to long key state park in the morning to fish. This was supposed to be the place where id have the best shot at anything. That being said I had my tides flipped and it was high tide leaving sight fishing a bit more difficult….

We grabbed coffee and breakfast at a cute place called Leanne’s Coffee… something and the hit the water.

In comes Canadian Bob. This random guy floats up to me and says, “hey there. You fishing alone?”

Me: yup

Him: I’m looking for a fishing buddy. You want to jump in.

Me: yup

Me: well, my wife is sleeping in the car so we should at least tell her.

Sara ended up coming along. we were on the boat until about 4 with Bob. We saw 39 single or multiple groups of tarpon and had about 20 shots with about 8 follows. No takes. We also saw a sea turtle and we scooted around some shallows and spotted some barracuda, red drum, and snook. Caught no fish but had a great time.

We were pretty tired from all that sun afterward so we decided to take it easy for the rest of the night. We made our way back to sparkys for happy hour and live music from the former mayor of marathon who was playing selections of bob Dylan for bobs bday. Ended the night with more key lime pie and a sunset.

Tomorrow, SCUBA and possibly the Tamiami Trail.

Ps. Sorry no pics from fishing. It was all video.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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