South Florida Vacation: Day 1: Arrival

We woke up early an snagged the 5 am flight to Miami by way of Charlotte and were in our rental car by 10am. We are planning on camping three nights at Curry Hammock State Park near Marathon Key followed by two more nights in Miami. With plans to explore some flats on foot as well as a few other possibilities, there is potential for some good fishing. Regardless of the fish, Sara and I never fail to make the most of the food and sites. Today we hit up an awesome mangrove surrounded place for tuna nachos and then made it to our camp site where Sara slept on the beach while I got the rust off casting at the water. No fish, but I think I’m ready now:)

Enjoy the smattering of photos while I enjoy my “Rip Roarin’ Piña Colada.”

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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