Loon Outdoors. Go get some.

Loon Outdoors has revamped their site and they want you to know about it. I must say, it is very user friendly. I glanced through it and, in a matter of seconds, found at least five things I wanted (Deep Soft WeightReel LubeUV Fly Tying KitStrike Out, the Magnetic Net Release, and the Nip N’ Sip. Oh, wait, I guess that was six. Can you blame me? This stuff is pretty fancy, and I like fancy from time to time. I also like the “Buy Local” tab that lets you search for local dealers.  So go forth, and check it out. If you go to their facebook page you’ll probably find a button to click that will enter you in a drawing for the big April giveaway. Click it.

On another note, I finally got a chance to tackle the next trout in James Prosek’s Trout: An Illustrated History. The Sunapee Trout on page 18-19 is a fish that likely only exists today in a hybrid form in some Lakes in Maine. James shares a quote from John D. Quackenbos. “As the October pairing time approaches, the Sunapee fish becomes richly illuminated with the flushes of its maturing passion. The steel-green mantle of the back and shoulders now seems to dissolve into a veil of amethyst, through which the daffodil spots of mid-summer gleam out in points of flame, while below the lateral line, all is dazzling orange…” (The Geological Ancestors of the Brook Trout (1916)).  I’ve painted 6 so far. It is slow, but I’m going to make my way through this book. Only 62 more to go, I think? Page 20 showcases the Quebec Red Trout. I’m pretty excited for that one. We’ll see when I get the time. Maybe next Sunday night…

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

8 thoughts on “Loon Outdoors. Go get some.”

  1. buy?! nah, that is four fish away. I'll try and do two of it and maybe you'll just find one at your door step…. That might be a few months away though 🙂


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